Need Custom Sized Zone Dampers? We Make Those

Custom square/rectangle Zone Dampers

ZONEFIRST offers many sizes and styles of zone dampers, from our rectangular ZDB’s and ZDS’s, to our round RD and RT models, just to name a few. And with each style of zone damper, we provide a wide range of dampers for your project. But, what most people don’t know is that ZONEFIRST will also make custom size zone dampers for you! Yup, that’s right!

For many years, ZONEFIRST has offered custom-size products for their rectangular family of dampers, the ZDB’s, ZDS’s, AOB’s and IOB’s. The smallest size damper is 8 x 8, while the biggest size we make is 36×36.

Is this a scenario that has happened to you? You just made the smart investment to install zoning in your building and you need to get six dampers that are 15 x 11 inches. But you can’t find that size anywhere on our website or here on All of our standard sizes are made with even numbered inches so now you think you’re out of luck. But don’t you worry – we will custom make those dampers to fit your situation.

To order your custom zone rectangular shape dampers, give us a call at 1-877-604-1044. We will be happy to assist you 🙂

Note: custom sizes are only available on rectangular shape dampers. Round dampers can only be made in the standard sizes that are listed on our site.

May 05, 2016
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What is ZONEFIRST’s Bypass Eliminator, also known as the BPE?

Bypass Eliminator (BPE) ZoneFirst

For use only with ZONEFIRST Plug-In zone dampers and control panels, the ZONEFIRST Bypass Eliminator, also commonly known as the BPE, will control your system’s static pressure to ensure that it does not surpass your systems Upper and Lower Limit Set Points.

An HVAC system is designed to manage a determined volume of air flow. With zoning, a call to a zone to either open or close an area can result in a change in your HVAC’s static pressure, causing your system to possibly not work as efficiently as expected. By installing ZONEFIRST’s BPE, this will monitor your system’s static pressure level and open or close dampers to either release or increase the static pressure as needed. This results in your system working at its optimal capability, while eliminating the need to install a separate by-pass duct and damper directly into your return duct.

The BPE can control up to 4 zones on a single HVAC unit and up to 10 dampers per zone on the output terminals. When the BPE gets a signal from the Zone Controller that a zone damper is to be powered open it immediately opens the corresponding zone damper(s) on the output terminals. Anytime the BPE’s pressure sensor detects that the pressure in the supply plenum is higher than the Upper Limit Set Point, it will modulate the closed zone dampers open to relieve the excess pressure into those zones. As these dampers modulate open the air pressure should drop below the high set-point and the zone dampers stop. Once the pressure has equalized to higher than the Lower Limit set point and lower than the Upper Limit set point the BPE will signal the dampers to stay in their current position. When the BPE’s pressure sensor is below the Lower Limit Set Point, it will close the zone dampers resulting in complete HVAC efficiency as we outline here.

For more information on this product, please visit

April 26, 2016
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ZONEFIRST Launches New Control Panel – MDP3 Ver. 4

ZONEFIRST Launches New Control Panel – MDP3 Ver. 4

The NEW Digi-Zone™ Control Panel, Model MDP3 Ver. 4, is a two or three zone, yet expandable, all in-one zone control panel. The digital menu driven display simplifies system set-up and eliminates DIP Switches and adjustable dials to set timings and temperatures. The NEW MDP3 Ver. 4 controls only the New Plug-in Zone Motors that use modular cords, supplied with each damper. This panel is used exclusively with the very popular ZDSP, ZDBP, OZD, RDP, RRP and RTP dampers. The MDP3 Ver. 4 panel is designed to use a minimum of wires to make zoning simple and affordable, no matter what type of HVAC system it is used to zone.

Each zone can use a standard 4/5 wire (Y-G-R-W(-C) thermostat for any type of system as the additional controls for staging, etc. are in the MDP3 Ver. 4. Heat pump thermostats can also be used when controlling the second stage and emergency heat are desired from the thermostat. To make installation simpler, all terminal blocks are color coded for each wire and include push–in connections. Plus, there is no need for a small screwdriver, as with competitor zoning panels.

And if more than 3 zones are needed, the consumer can purchase the compatible MDPA2 Ver. 4 adder panel. Each MDPA2 Ver. 4 adds 2 zones and can zone up to 103 zones max with the MDP3 Ver. 4 panel.

If you need additional information on this or any other ZONEFIRST products, please call Customer Support at 877.604.1044.

April 15, 2016
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Light Commercial HVAC Zoning

Stop fighting over the thermostat!


The Problem: There are literally millions of light commercial buildings, offices, hotels, museums, etc, with central heating and AC systems that have only one thermostat controlling multiple rooms and offices.

The problem is, one thermostat cannot maintain the same temperature throughout the entire office. Temperature will vary room to room office to office due to location, solar gain, and variations of internal loads due to the amount of people in each room. With only one thermostat, it is impossible to fix this and many rooms and offices have no control over the HVAC. What happens? These rooms get heated or cooled air whether they want it or not.

The result, an unhappy building with people fighting over the thermostat.


The Solution: A cost effective, easy to install zone control system.

Zoning uses multiple thermostats, placed into offices and rooms that will control motorized dampers in the ducts which open and close to direct the flow of conditioned air only to zones that need it.

  • Use any thermostats
  • Compatible with any HVAC system
  • Automated operation
  • Shut off unoccupied rooms
  • Increase comfort & convenience
  • Lower energy costs
  • Smart home technology


The Logic: You may need the light on in your office all day, but not the heating or cooling.


Contact ZONEFIRST TOLL FREE 1-877-604-1044 and zone your residential or light commercial building today!
See what you need to add zoning to your home or office and start living more comfortable.

January 27, 2014
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Smart Phones on the HVAC Job

At ZONEFIRST Zone Controls we try our hardest to make installing zoning easy and simple. We’ve come up with EZ-Wire control panels and Plug-In-Play zoning systems which cut installation time in half!

But what happens when you are servicing a call that you didn’t install? Sometimes the homeowner or contractor throws away the installation and operating instructions. Now you must call in for tech support. And lets be honest, most of the time you are in an attic or basement where you don’t get good cell phone service, making the call a hassle and most likely has you going up and down stairs. This sparked an idea at ZONEFIRST.

Now, when you are on a job site and need operating or installation instructions for a zone control panel, zone damper, or any zoning accessory, you can now get it at your fingertips! WHAT!?

Yes, at your fingertips. Every single one of ZONEFIRST’s products now comes with a QR code printed on the label. So if you have a smart phone, all you have to do is scan it and it will automatically bring you to an online pdf file containing everything you need to know about that specific product! How cool is that?

Try it out for yourself….

What you need:

– A Smart Phone
– A QR Reader App installed on your smart phone (search “qr code” on the app store)

Let’s Try it!

Below is a QR code that is located on the wiring diagram of our MMP3 Control Panel. Just launch your QR reader app. on your smart phone and scan it. Then see what happens….

April 26, 2013
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Home Comfort – AC Temperature Control

What is the main reason people have air conditioning in their homes or offices?

We install air conditioners and central air in our homes and offices to keep us comfortable throughout the day and night. Today, home comfort is becoming more efficient then every before. One way people are “going green” and saving energy is with zoning.

Forced air zoning allows you to keep your home cool during the summer without wasting air conditioning on rooms that are already cool or not being occupied.

Did you know that cooling your home in the summer months accounts for over 40% of your utility bill? That is more than your electric! Did you know that zoning can help you cut those costs by 15 – 30%!

When you walk into your home and turn the first light switch on does it turn every light on in your home? The answer is no. However, when you turn your AC on, your entire house starts to cool off. The most common problem here is that the downstairs normally stays nice and cool while the upstairs is warm. Some people will run their AC all day to cool their upstairs, which in the long run makes their downstairs too cold and uncomfortable.

This can be solved by adding just a 2 zone system onto your existing AC unit. By zoning off the upstairs and downstairs you can control each separate with its own thermostat. This can benefit you in the following ways:

Increase comfort throughout the entire home
Save money by not wasting energy cooling rooms already comfortable or not being used (up to 30% savings)
– Shut off the AC downstairs while you sleep during the night
– Shut off the AC upstairs during the day
– Having multiple thermostats is convenient
– Zoning can be added to any existing HVAC system! Here is what you need

This summer, stay comfortable and save on energy costs by installing a zoning system to your Air Conditioning unit.

April 24, 2013
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Home Comfort Technology

Welcome to 2013, where “wireless” technology and smart devices rule the world. 

Today, almost everything is controlled from your phone or tablet, including the comfort of your home. We are seeing more and more companies produce wireless, communicating, smart thermostats that allow you to control the temperature of your home from anywhere!

This is the same mindset and technology innovation that ZONEFIRST had back in the 1950’s when we invented zoning for forced air systems.

Take a thermostat such as the new NEST. Well, we did. We bought 3 of them and tested them with our control boards. Turns out, these “smart” thermostats are compatible with our panels. What does this mean? The complete home comfort solution!

By adding a wireless communicating thermostat to your home, it allows you to control your ENTIRE home. But, when you add zoning into the mix, you can control certain areas of your home from anywhere.

Let us paint a picture. You are on your way home from work, it’s hot and you don’t want to walk into a warm house. You take out your phone and set the  temperature for 67 degrees. Your thermostat picks up the call and brings on your AC. Now your entire home will be nice and cool for your arrival. But, what is the benefit to adding zoning?

Let us paint another picture. You are on your way home from work, it’s hot and you don’t want to walk into a warm house. You take out your phone and set the temperature for 67 degrees on zone 1 (which is your downstairs). Your thermostat picks up the call and brings on your AC. Now your downstairs will be nice and cool for your arrival. By adding zoning to the mix, you can pinpoint what zones you want to cool because the panel will shut automatic dampers to the zones not calling for AC. This way you are not wasting energy cooling down rooms that you wont be occupying when you get home (like your bedroom for example). This mix of technology allows for extreme comfort, convenience and energy savings!

Take it form us, be a home comfort professional, not just another “HVAC Guy”

April 12, 2013
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HVAC Zone Controls Made Easy

Our engineers at ZONEFIRST have been working hard to make installing zoning easier than ever before! We understand that time is money and we want to help. We came up with a series of control panels that on average takes half the time to install than our competitor’s systems. How?

Today, all of ZONEFIRST’s Zone Control Panels have EZ-Wiring. What is EZ Wiring?

PUSH-IN TERMINAL BLOCKS (no screwdriver required, just push in and it locks itself, equipped with release button)
COLOR-CODED (color-coded terminals to match up easily with both thermostat & equipment wire)
LED TROUBLESHOOTING (each zone control panel is equipped with LED’s that indicate system status & damper positions)
PLUG-IN (our Plug-In-Play zoning systems use modular cord to connect and power all the dampers)
MODULAR CORD (rj11 phone jacks, 25′ supplied with every damper, daisy chain up to 10 dampers per zone)
TEST BUTTONS (Plug-In-Play zone control panels are equipped with test buttons which allow you to test every damper connected)


Learn more about each of ZONEFIRST’s Control Panels

February 18, 2013
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What You Need to Zone an Existing HVAC System

More and more people are finding out about HVAC Zoning and are putting it on existing systems in both their homes and offices. Zoning allows you to precisely control the temperature in different areas of the home or office. It adds comfort, convenience and on average, can save up to 30% on your energy bill. It can be added to any forced air system.

Most people do not know just how easy it is to install zoning in their homes. Below is what you need to add HVAC Zoning to your home:

1. Zone Control Panel: The Zone Control Panel is the central control that will communicate between thermostats, dampers and your HVAC equipment. It is mounted by your equipment and is the brains of the entire zoning application.

2. Thermostats: Thermostats read the air temperature in each room (or zone) of your house. If the temperature is too cold or too hot for your liking, the thermostat will send a signal to the control panel to either bring on cool or warm air to that room or zone.

3. Zone Dampers: Dampers are placed in your ducts to control the airflow to certain rooms (or zones) of your home. The dampers are wired to a specific zone on the control panel, which is controlled by a specific thermostat in your home. Dampers automatically open and close depending on which thermostats are calling.

4. By-pass Damper: A by-pass damper is used to relieve air pressure in your duct work as certain zones close. However, a by-pass is not always needed.

*Depending on how many zones will be installed will dictate the amount of thermostats and dampers used. Every house will vary in regards to this.

Ask your HVAC contractor about zoning today and start enjoying the benefits of a more comfortable home!

February 04, 2013
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Benefits of HVAC Zoning

When we talk about forced air zoning we typically tie it to our 4 C’s.

Common Sense

Comfort is obviously number 1 here. What is the reason we put heating and air conditioning in our homes and offices in the first place? So people stay comfortable! Going back almost 50 years ago when ZONEFIRST invented HVAC Zoning, the main focus was how can we make it even more comfortable.

HVAC Zoning allows you to control your comfort in every room or “zone” of your home or office. If you’re too hot or too cold, just simply adjust the thermostat to your comfort level and everything else is automatic.

Convenience is our second C. Having a thermostat in every zone of your home or office is extremely convenient. Most houses that are not zoned will have a central thermostat located in a downstairs hallway. That’s great for the hallway, however what about the living areas that are occupied more often?

Some houses only have 1 thermostat all together. So in the middle of the night when you are cold, you might have to walk downstairs to change the temperature. You can throw convenience and comfort out the window if that’s the case.

Conservation. With energy bills on the rise, more homeowners are looking for ways to go “green” or save on energy. Zoning is a great way to decrease your monthly energy bills. Studies even show, adding zoning to your existing HVAC system can save you up to 30% on your monthly utility bill! How? With zoning you can shut off rooms that are not being occupied. This way you’re not wasting heat or AC on rooms that no one is in.

Common Sense is our last C and probably the one that is overlooked the most. We mention common sense for the simple fact that adding zoning to any HVAC system will increase your comfort, add convenience and save on energy bills.

Imagine being able to keep every employee in your office comfortable and happy. The less they complain about the temperature, the more work gets done. Think about it.

Most homes stay hot upstairs and cool downstairs. Wouldn’t you like to control the temperature upstairs and downstairs at the same time. Now you can by adding zoning without adding any other heating or cooling equipment.

February 01, 2013
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    • The Word On The Street

      • I was a little unsure about how zoning would benefit my family, but I am glad we decided to install it in our home! Since the install, we have noticed a tremendous amount of savings on our cooling costs. Not to mention our upstairs no longer stays 10 degrees hotter than the rest of the house.
      • The smartest decision we made as a company was to make the switch to ZONEFIRST. We managed to cut our install time in half due to the ease of the Plug & Play System. The color-coded control board and the pre-wired dampers make the process hassle free. Thanks for a great product!
        D&D Mechanical
        HVAC Contractor
      • The system went in very smoothly with careful planning. I've set up three zones, one for each level. Looking to add more in the future if needed. Wiring was simple, even up to the existing wired thermostat, wireless stats and the equipment wiring. After reading the instructions, I had no problems. Thanks again!
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