Benefits of Zoning

✓ Precise Temperature Control

✓ Energy/Environmentally Efficient

✓ Save on Cooling & Heating Bills

✓ Easy-to-Control Comfort Levels

✓ For Commercial & Residental

Our products also make the work environment
comfortable for everyone, simultaneously!

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  • A Zone Damper for each duct
  • A Thermostat for each zone
  • A Control Panel for operation
  • Some will need a by-pass damper

Coming Soon!

A web app that helps you build a zone system based on your needs.

EVERYONE can now be comfortable!

See how we revolutionized the HVAC industry.

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    • The Word On The Street

      • I was a little unsure about how zoning would benefit my family, but I am glad we decided to install it in our home! Since the install, we have noticed a tremendous amount of savings on our cooling costs. Not to mention our upstairs no longer stays 10 degrees hotter than the rest of the house.
      • The smartest decision we made as a company was to make the switch to ZONEFIRST. We managed to cut our install time in half due to the ease of the Plug & Play System. The color-coded control board and the pre-wired dampers make the process hassle free. Thanks for a great product!
        D&D Mechanical
        HVAC Contractor
      • The system went in very smoothly with careful planning. I've set up three zones, one for each level. Looking to add more in the future if needed. Wiring was simple, even up to the existing wired thermostat, wireless stats and the equipment wiring. After reading the instructions, I had no problems. Thanks again!
    ZONEFIRST Online Store